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Soap Noodles

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Soap Noodles

Posted Date: August 9, 2007




    TFM  %                                  : 79 Min

    Moisture %                             : 11-14 Max

    Free Alkalinity % (as NaoH)     : 0.05 Max

   Glycerine %                             : 0.4  max

   Salt % (as Nacl)                        : 1.0 max

   Fe Content                              : 30 PPM Max

   Acid Value                              : 208 Min

  Iodine Value                             : 38-44

  Titre (Deg Cent)                       : 42 Min

  Colour in Lovibond 5 1/4" cell   : 20Y+ 3R max

  Fatty Acid Blend                       : 80:20   (Palm Oil:Kernal)


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